Master of Science Biotechnology

  • Overview

    The course by research on Masters of Science (Biotechnology) will train students in various aspects of biotechnology to meet the industry’s needs. The students will exposed with the latest techniques in Biotechnology and exposed to current issues in biotechnology.

    The objectives of the programme:

    • Have profound knowledge in a specific discipline in biotechnology and life sciences that can contribute in meeting industrial needs.
    • Are competent in carrying out research independently as well as in a team.
    • Are highly responsible and accountable in the execution of research
    • Have effective communication and problem solving skills
    • Have educational experience that motivates them to pursue life-long learning
    • Are equipped with professional attitudes, good ethics and leadership qualities
    •  Can keep abreast of current issues and technological advancement in biotechnology and life sciences, taking into account relevant economic, ethical, social and legal aspects
  • Outcomes

    At the end of this programme, students should be able to:

    • demonstrate specialized knowledge in a specific discipline in biotechnology and life sciences
    • analyze and assess biotechnology information from a variety of sources
    • provide professional advice in the development of national guidelines and policies related to biotechnology and life sciences
    • perform independent research and adapt protocols and procedure
    • demonstrate the ability to adapt, innovate and seek solutions to address challenges and concerns in biotechnology and life sciences
    • perform managerial or supervisory roles in laboratories and related industries
    • communicate and demonstrate interpersonal skills
    • recognize the importance of entrepreneurial skills
    • function effectively as an individual, leader and team work
    • recognize the importance of lifelong learning to meet the challenges in industries
    • be professional and ethical in their profession
  • Entry Requirement

  • Tuition Fees

    BDT Ringgit USD
    354,750.00 18,671.05 4,434.38
  • Duration of Studies

  • Career Prospects

    Graduates with Masters of Science in Biotechnology degree can find employment in government and private sectors. Many graduates work for pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, food processing industries, aquaculture and agro based industries. They candidates will be able to obtain employment in the following capacity:

    •  Research & Development
    • Quality Control
    • Clinical Research
    • Manufacturing & Production
    • Government Regulatory Affairs
    •  research science positions in laboratories applying biotechnology to problems in medicine, industry, and agriculture
    • careers in regulation of drug approval and other biotechnology applications
    • management positions in the biotechnology industry
    • positions at companies that are investing in biotechnology
      • working for law firms in biotechnology
      • Academia