Master of Information Technology

This programme is designed for IT Managers or IT Leaders looking to take their career to the next level. Applicants are assessed on three basic criteria which are education, experience and personal characteristics.

  • Overview

    The objectives of the programme are to:

    • IT professional who can build a career in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology globally
    • IT professional who is competent, sustainable and capable of pursuing lifelong learning in Computer Science and Information Technology
    • IT professional who can contribute expertise to the industry, professional body and society
    • IT professional who embrace positive attitudes and ethics
  • Outcomes

    At the end of this programme, students should be able to:

    • acquire and apply advanced knowledge and skills of Computer Science and Information Technology.
    •  train graduates to work on a project in which they propose, design, build, test, analyze, and deliver a computing solution to meet appropriate computing standards and realistic constraints.
    • organized ideas related to societal issues in Computer Science and Information Technology discipline
    • commit to professional, ethical and humanity responsibly.
    • communicate in verbal, writing and demonstrate effective leadership qualities.
    • identify, formulate and solve Computer Science and Information Technology problems.
  • Entry Requirement

  • Course Structure

  • Tuition Fees

    BDT Ringgit USD
    354,750.00 18,671.05 4,434.38
  • Duration of Studies

    Credit Hours: 40
  • Career Prospects

    The Master of Information Technology program leads to a second qualification which allows graduates to enter into a professional profession and which teaches both scientific as well as consulting and management abilities. Master graduates can look for the following career, such as Software, database or administration consultant, Project management for IT projects, Organization and auditing (as DP auditor / controller, organization manager and data protection manager), Education (as lecturer or trainer) or Research and system development.

    The program also qualifies students for tasks in science and opens up the possibility of a doctorate degree.